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The EZZ Hair Care Collection has released a range of hair products specially formulated to assist people to improve the health and volume of their hair.

hair growth spray
EZZ Hair Growth Spray Health & Beauty EZZ OFFICIAL
local_offer Save $10.00

EZZ Hair Growth Spray

$79.95  $89.95

local_offer Save $72.00

EZZ Hair Growth Spray Duo

$107.95  $179.95

local_offer Save $48.95

EZZ Growth & Repair Kit

$99.95  $148.90

local_offer Save $40.00

Healthy Hair Kits

$159.95  $199.95

local_offer Save $48.95

Hair Growth Kits

$99.95  $148.90

local_offer Save $30.00

EZZ Hair Scalp Scrub Duo

$89.95  $119.95

local_offer Save $29.95

Hair Mask Duo

$89.95  $119.90

local_offer Save $9.00

Anti-Frizz & Hair Mask Repair Kit

$80.95  $89.95

local_offer Save $27.95

EZZ Anti-frizz Spray Duo

$71.95  $99.90

Better hair in 40-days

If you document your hair growth journey every week, we are sure you will be impressed. Share your photos with us to spread the word!

14-Day Guarantee

We want you to love it just as much as we do, we have a 14-day money back guarantee if you're unhappy with your purchase!

Planet Friendly

We love the planet just as much as you do! We vow to never test on animals, always be vegan friendly and fully recyclable.